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GCode postprocessor for backlash compensation. Backlash compensation at GCode level is especially helpful for low budget CNC machines ie. Chinese laser cutters, engravers, CNC routers and wherever mechanical backlash correction is not an option.


XYZ axes backlash compensation. The value for each axis can be set separate.
E(extruder) axis backlash compensation for 3d printers. Especially helpful if you use bowden or flex drive type extruder.
G0 or G1 or auto backlash correction. In auto mode moves are corrected by the same type of move, but sometimes you may want to force using G0 or G1 moves.
G2, G3 gcodes support by linearization or arc's splitting.
Works with many GCode dialects ie. short forms, plane selection.
Positioning precision option allows you to round coordinates in your GCode.
Feedrate modifier allows you to slow down or speedup toolpaths.
Tested on firmwares: Marlin, GRBL, Smoothieware.
Tested on GCode produced by: Cura, LightBurn, Fusion360, Simplify3d.

Desktop App

Why desktop version?
  • Works offline
  • Unlimited file size
  • Faster processing
  • No web browser needed :)

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